Charter & Mission Statement


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The Boston Northeast AACA Region is being formed to provide an organization and a social medium to bring vintage and antique vehicles and motorcycle enthusiasts together in a group forum that adds to the enjoyment of their hobby interests.

The Boston Northeast Region is being formed under and will conform to the guidelines of the the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Policies and Procedures.

The intent of the Region is to encourage its membership to acquire, restore and exhibit vintage or antique vehicles or motorcycles. That process includes education in restoration techniques and processes as well as the judging of these vehicles for authenticity or originality. In accordance with AACA national guidelines these vehicles will be at least 25 years in age and must be original, without modification or customization from its original factory delivered condition. The only exceptions to originality will be certain safety upgrades as accepted by AACA judging guidelines.

The Region shall also generate events, tours and exhibitions with the intent of establishing positive and charitable relations in the communities it resides.

The Boston Northeast Region’s formal location shall be the geographic area of about a 50 mile radius from the center of the city of Boston, MA. This would also include the bordering New Hampshire towns and cities. General meetings will be scheduled and conducted in close proximity to Boston, MA.

General membership is open to all persons deemed to be in of good character and a current member of the National AACA organization. It will not be necessary for a member to own an antique or vintage vehicle. The Region will encourage youth membership.

Upon receipt of the official AACA National charter the Boston Northeast Region will conduct a general meeting with the intention of establishing permanent officers and Directors. At that time the interim By-Laws and Mission Statement will be reviewed and if necessary updated.